Summer School of the Udmurt Language
Live the life - Udmurt style!

About the Course

At the Udmurt State University we are proud to organise a summer course which does not only focus on language, but also offers hands-on experience into Udmurt material culture and intellectual heritage.

You can visit our majestic forests and vivid green meadows in the countryside, endulge in the vibrant life of our wonderful capital city, have a taste of the Udmurt cuisine, get acquainted with handicraft and music, and, of course, make new friends.


The course programme is suitable for absolute beginners and for intermediate-level students as well. We work with teachers who have great experience of working with foreign students and deep knowledge of several foreign languages. The practical Udmurt language course comprises 56 teaching hours both for beginners and intermediate learners.


Participants can learn about Udmurt folklore and literature in English (in total 10 teaching hours). They also have the opportunity to visit different museums, exhibitions, publishing houses of Udmurt newspapers and magazines, as well as go on excursions to different towns of Udmurtia.


Real professionals, masters of arts and crafts organise master-classes (24 teaching hours in total) on different kinds of weaving, embroidering, beekeeping, making ceramics, cooking dishes of national cuisine. Participants are also taught national dances, they learn Udmurt songs and have the opportunity to play national musical instruments.

Course Dates
COURSE DURATION: 12th-30th July 2021

The Summer School in 2021 will run both online and in-person.
In-person participiation is only possible if the COVID-19 pandemic situation allows international travel. More information on personal attendance will be provided closer to the summer.

31st May 2021 (for EU citizens)
15th May 2021 (for non-EU citizens)
Includes the fees of the language classes and two meals a day (breakfast and lunch).

The fees of the cultural programmes are not included in the price of the language course.

Participiants will be housed at dormitories on campus.
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